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Landscape and People

Signagi is a small town located in East Georgia. Kakheti region is one of the most reachest regions of Georgia. Signaghi is not exclusion. Sighnaghi originates from Turkish and means shelter. It is famous for winery and rich harvest. People here are friendly and attentive.

Signagi can be called as the pearl of Kakheti. It has unique architecture and charming environment attracting tourists from all over the world.


It is located in 113 kilometers from Tbilisi. You can easily reach it by bus or railway. It will take you only 2 hours to reach Signagi. The road to Signagi passes Gujaani districts.


On the way to Sighnaghi you can also come around to the monastery of holy Nino in Bodbe. Here is the grave of H. Nino. It is only 8 KMs from Signagi.

Signagi is located on a slope of the mountain looking on Alazani valley. From almost any house you will have spectacular views to the Caucasus mountains or beautiful houses of 18-th century.

People of Signagi

Locals are following cattle breeding and winery. Not long ago the architects during reconstruction process discovered old winery (wine storage cells) in the downtown (in the Old Peoples' Park).

Signagi was the town of salespeople and here you could buy high quality carpets. From the very first minutes of your visit you will understand that the town was a cultural and trade center.

The town is surrounded by massive fortress that leaves unforgettable remembering on the visitors.



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