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Signagi is a small town located in East Georgia. Signagi can be called as a pearl of Kakheti. It has unique architecture and charming environment attracting tourists from all over the world.

The word "Sighnai originates from Turkish one and means shelter. The title of the town expresses the main purpose of the city. As it is known the town is surrounded by fortress which used to protect its inhabitants and even people from surrounding villages.

In 2007, during reconstruction activities archeologists discovered old wine cellars in the garden of "elderly people", that clearly indicates that people used to lead viticulture.

Signagi was a town of merchants and craftsmen. It was known for excellent carpets produced in Signagi. Even nowadays you can order  carpet or any handmade good in the town.

The examples of utensil of the Paleolithic period shows that people lived on the territory of the modern town and surrounding lands since ancient times. The beneficial location attracted visitors of Kakheti as the road coming to Signagi ends on Alasani plane.

Signagi was officially declared as a town in XVIII century. The town was built on the fortress built according to the order of Erekle II King. Signagi previously was called as Kambechovani  and later as Kisikhi, although since Erekle II the town is called as Signagi.


In Signagi and bordering territory you will find a number of Christian - orthodox churches. Here are churches of holy Stephen and holy George. The church of holy Stephen in built in the fortress of the town. Unique architectural solution of the building puts it in the list of all city tours.

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